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Facebook’s first commercial was created to celebrate their 1 billionth active monthly member milestone, but in my opinion it was also made to get people talking about the platform and further evangelize the brand.

Since the commercial launched online last week news programs, magazines, bloggers, and even regular Facebook users have created video parodies, new Twitter handles, and Tumblr accounts to sound off on their reflections of the ad and largely poke fun at its elementary and somewhat unrealistic real world analogies to objects like chairs, dance floors, and the universe itself.

The truth?

It’s pretty genius.

Mark Zuckerburg created one of the most powerful social media networks that has not only transformed the way people communicate with one another, but how businesses operate. He has connected people all over the world and is partially responsible for an entire new work industry.

Think the guy can make a meme? You betcha.

He put out a video that made people talk passionately about his company. It’s ironic, funny, kind of makes sense, and includes sharable taglines that can easily be built upon or worked into images, video spoofs, T-shirts, blogs posts etc.

Mark dropped a pre-made meme on us to enjoy so we didn’t have to go through the trouble of forging one ourselves. Perhaps the whole premise of the overly dramatic ad is a joke that Mark knew would attract a lot of attention and prompt people to vigorously spread their interpretations of the social network. After all, wasn’t the platform originally intended to make fun of people at Harvard?

Regardless of his messaging sincerity, Zuckerberg was clearly looking to get a widespread reaction out of people like a puppet master… a friendly, sociable puppet master that connects people, but a puppet master nonetheless. I am a Facebook puppet by typing this blog post, but at least I know it!

So hat tip to Zucks… at least now Beyonce isn’t the only one running the world.

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RFI Studios set sail for a dive of our own (more like a boat ride) into the open ocean for our 2nd annual agency@sea excursion.

We decided to break away from the ordinary to spur creative thinking and change the way we approach ideas, business, and each other as we floated around the water for two days on our vessel, the Golden Sunshine.

From the start it was apparent that the new environment was affecting our behavior. Many RFI-ers showed up at Chelsea Piers in nautical outfits, and surprisingly… many straw hats.

Upon raising our anchor we munched on bagels, fruit, and goldfish crackers (all creativity involves some sort of snack food!) while we cruised around New York City working from wifi hotspots and appreciating the beauty of our natural environment.

The whole crew walked around the deck taking instagram pictures, tweeting live from the ocean, posting comments to Facebook, and dreaming about our new lives at sea- as sailors, co-workers, creators, and friends.

Our creativity was tested through an intense (and fun!) group challenge that allowed the entire agency to work together towards a unified goal.

The results were impressive and drastically different between each team. New ideas continued to stem from the exercise as we loosened up and allowed ourselves to push beyond our usual boundaries put in place by following set routines.

Now that we’re back on dry land we’ve found that it’s easier to change our mode of thinking and creating while working together as a team. The journey changed the way we view our work and how we interact with each other in the office. Needless to say we’re looking forward to another agency@sea next year!

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